Sunday, 18 September 2011

Glorified Misery

Forget the mirror of your former self and just relish in the day
forget the beauty of his face and the scars that went away
forget the rudeness in his eyes, the bitter taste of it all
dont even think of all the lies and the unrequited calls

Pay no mind to your mother's absence or your little brother's remains
do not weep over the your war-torn country and all its bloody stains
forget the wave of relentless violence and the echoes of their cries
dismiss the graveyard at your doorstep where all the innocent lie

Don’t linger on the rapists' eyes as he held you against your will
forget the fear that rippled through you as he went in for the kill
erase the sight of your shattered youth as he violated you for good
forget your future wasted years and those who never understood

Forget the beatings you absorbed for admitting you were gay
don’t fret about all the cruelty you endured each single day
get over your parents anger and all the hatred they let out
dismiss the times you ran away because all they did was shout

Try to overlook the darkness while on the streets where you lay
don't think about your broken home and why you couldn’t stay
forget the pain that tears you up inside and the loneliness you felt
pay no mind to the freezing cold or the snow that will not melt

Forget all these vile memories, and thank your god for your puny life
its all a part of his sadistic plan so smile and praise him for your strife
all this misery, pain, and aguish must be leading to some better place
so ask no questions, keep your mouth shut and remember:
God works in mysterious ways?


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