Friday, 8 February 2013

It's better here...

A total of 2cm is what they said. The “they” snow people. Because I doubted the accuracy of that number, I stayed home from work today. I don’t think I am even expected to come in. I'm sure the main streets are better, but from my bedroom window, it’s a picture of white engulfing white. How beautiful.

I can’t imagine it being busy anywhere, at least anywhere that does not sell sex or drugs. They say those things are a necessity. Yesterday it wasn't this bad, and yet we still had a total of maybe 9 customers come into the bank. One of those customers was a man who I regularly see. We always meet eyes, and I’m sure I smile like an idiot, but I get nothing in return. Surprisingly I have never had him at my wicket. He’s always a little too far away. My mind wanders at moments like these, and I picture myself being pushed up against the bathroom stall during my shift by a married man who is sick of it all. Middle of the day fantasies are very telling about the kind of person you are, I think. I guess I am a bitch. Or maybe all these episodes of Shameless combined with the plethora of suited and ring-bearing men walking into the bank are inspiring my inner harlot.

Washington Phillips helped me wake up, and I spent some time on lumosity. I feel my neuronal growth accelerating already. Mr. Phillips though. Fuck. I could be drenched in adrenaline and ready to stab someone in the face, but if I hear that voice I will stop mid-sprint and fall into a pool of relaxation.

I feel like I should write more. I have been reading a book per week for a while now and with two jobs, that leaves little time for anything else. I have been knitting too thanks to Trinny at the retirement home where I volunteer. My first day at the place Trinny, this 92 year old lovely lady with a Russian accent, walked right up to me, put her hand on my face, and told me I looked like Audrey Hepburn. So later when she offered to teach me how to knit, I could not fathom declining the offer. Also, I have always wanted to knit. I'm getting pretty good too. Lately, I have been working on what was meant to be a sea blue scarf, but I ran out of  sea blue yarn. Maybe I will make it into a single leg warmer or something.

Today’s Tea: Long-stemmed Oolong.  

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  1. I like this Washington Phillips cat.. Nothing beats a black american voice singing with dustbowl dust in the throat.